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Social phobia is twice as likely to occur in women than in men. It usually begins in childhood or adolescence, and hardly ever develops after the age of 25. People with social phobia may recognize that their fear is excessive or unreasonable, but have difficulty conquering it.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks in Morden, Merton can be very beneficial, and achieves good results. Anxiety disorders are very common, and affect as many as 13% of the adult population. They can start at any time in our lives and fall into one of five main categories:





hypnotherapy anxiety morden, merton

Using NLP and hypnotherapy in Morden, Merton we can find and release the emotions which originally caused or created the phobia, and when these old, bottled up emotions are release, the phobia itself disappears.



Simple phobias

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in Morden, Merton...


What is social phobia...


Hypnotherapy as a treatment for phobias in Morden, Merton....


Anxiety feelings can be crippling and have a massive affect on the sufferer's life, as commitments, responsibilities and general day to day life are altered to work around the anxiety, and/or panic attack problem and its effects. It can have detrimental effects on other aspects of life such as sleep patterns, relationships, work, sex life, social life, or schooling.The anxiety can range from general feelings of anxiousness or nervousness, to full-blown panic or anxiety attack, the symptoms of which can involve palpitations, feeling short of breath, tingling, light-headedness, sweating, feeling hot or cold all over, nausea, fear of losing control, or even feelings of fainting or impending doom.  

How Anxiety Feels...

hypnotherapy anxiety morden, merton

A phobia on the other hand (while still a very strong and unpleasant reaction), is an irrational fear which has been 'symbolically attached' to an object, or situation, which causes little or no real danger. It is usually accompanied by strong avoidance behaviour connected with the phobia, which will run alongside intense feelings of anxiety, loss of control and panic.


Sometimes, confrontation with the phobia, can even lead to fainting, but this is usually only associated with blood, injury, or needle-type phobias.


Fears and phobias are the result of a hidden or repressed memory or emotion that has become associated with particular situations. Natural fears serve a genuine purpose (fear of heights, fire, etc), but phobias mostly appear to be completely irrational, however they all have a cause, or perhaps did, and serve some purpose - otherwise they couldn't and wouldn't exist!

Social phobia is a fear of how others might see you, what they think of you, and feeling that whatever you're doing is being noticed by those around you - in short it is the fear of being judged. Social phobia is based around social / public situations, and these can be anything from nights out, to going shopping, meeting people, going to work, parties, entertainment situations, or even a complete inability to use public toilets, as well as many other situations where people come into some kind of contact with others. This fear can lead to the need to arrange your whole life to avoid the situations including avoiding using / answering the telephone, or typing / writing something down in front of others, avoiding signing your name, or indeed anything that could possibly put you at the centre of attention, or 'on the spot'.


If you suffer from social phobia or social anxiety this fear becomes your worst enemy.



...and can ultimately cause a full-blown anxiety attack or panic attack. Social anxiety also shares many similar symptoms with general anxiety.