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Hypnosis has been recognized as an effective therapeutic treatment by the British Medical Association since 1955.

Hypnosis is a pleasant state of deep relaxation. Just one session can be incredibly uplifting and give immediate relief for a number of symptoms.

Unlike many kinds of medication, hypnotherapy has no unpleasant side effects.

Currently hypnotherapy techniques enable persistent, or even lifelong conditions to be treated rapidly, and for good.

Hypnotherapy is a widely accepted alternative to conventional treatment for a range of problems.

Most people need fewer than six hour-long sessions to achieve their goal.

A hypnotherapist can show you how to use self hypnosis to help yourself.

These are two different types of hypnosis. Hypnosis is when a person is guided into hypnosis by a hypnotherapist. Self-hypnosis is easy to learn, but requires more discipline than guided hypnosis. The advantages of self-hypnosis are that it may be done in the privacy of your own home at your own convenience, it does not require anyone else, and you can use the process as much as possible, or when a specific problem presents itself. With practice, anyone can learn self-hypnosis techniques to resolve inner conflict and to gain greater awareness of self.



Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis

Q. Is hypnosis safe?

A. Hypnosis is totally safe, natural, and drug free, and there are no side effects whatsoever. In fact you will be in control at all times. Hypnotherapy has been recognised by the British Medical Association since 1955.


Q. Is the therapist in control of my mind?

A. Absolutely not. Hypnosis is not being asleep - you will hear every word that is said.

The hypnotherapist cannot make you DO or SAY anything you do not want to do.

If the fire alarm went off - you would bring yourself out of hypnosis immediately.


Q. Is hypnosis like being asleep?

A. Again, absolutely not. While in hypnosis you are conscious throughout, feeling totally in control. It is like daydreaming whilst somebody talks to you. The only side effect is that it is highly relaxing!


Q. Will it work straight away?

A. Although this sounds a little weak, it depends on the individual. If the individual is ready for the changes suggested they will happen fairly rapidly if not immediately, for others it can take a few days or weeks. Hypnosis is very effective for the majority of complaints it treats.


Q. I've seen people believe they're a chicken on TV. Will you make me do that? How can I trust you?

A. I am a professional and you will be treated with the utmost respect throughout the hypnotic session: I am a full member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. (NCH) and am bound by their code of ethics. I am fully insured to practice hypnotherapy and NLP. Forget stage hypnosis - modern-day NLP hypnotherapy is totally different.


Q. What is NLP?

A. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of how the brain learns new information.

NLP uses simple techniques which are incredibly powerful. It shows you how to be healthier, to be free from fear, to be confident, and more successful. When NLP is combined with hypnosis, the results are often life-changing.


Q. What will happen at my appointment?

A. We meet and discuss your problem. This is your opportunity to get it all off your chest. I will discuss relaxation with you, where appropriate, we can go through some relaxation and NLP techniques to help you with your problem. Then we will move on to the hypnosis part of the session, which means that for up to 30 minutes or so you'll enjoy sitting in a comfy chair whilst feeling completely relaxed. When the hypnosis ends, you will feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to make the changes you desire.


Q. How much will it cost?

A. I charge a fair price for a high quality service - for the full price list, click here.


Q. Do you offer any guarantees?

A. Therapy is a process, not a quick fix - it wouldn't be ethical to offer a guaranteed solution to all of your problems. However, you can feel confident in me and my service, because I am very thorough in my work, and I always place your best interests first.

Frequently Asked Questions

hypnosis merton
hypnosis merton

Why use Hypnotherapy?


Much can be learned through hypnotherapy. The more you involve yourself in understanding your thoughts, emotions, and actions, the greater your understanding of your experiences will be. With this understanding comes a greater sense of well being, peace and unity with yourself.